Call for Funding Proposals

Date: April 19, 2024

AFFECT is pleased to announce a call for funding proposals for supplementary funds to support research-oriented events and other activities that promote gender equality in the academic finance profession (for example, conferences, speaker series, professional networking and mentoring events). 

Proposals will be accepted until April 19, 2024 and must include the following

  • Applicant’s name, institution, and email address
  • Event name, date, and anticipated number of attendees
  • Brief event description
  • Brief statement explaining how the event aligns with AFFECT’s mission
  • Total event cost
  • List of other funding sources already secured
  • Amount of funding requested

To apply: email by April 19, 2024. Please include “AFFECT Funding Proposal” in the subject line.

AFFECT will review proposals on an on-going basis and render funding decisions by the end of May, 2024. The amount granted will depend on the number of accepted proposals. We anticipate repeating this call for funding proposals on an annual basis.