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Data & Drinks

Date: January 6, 2022

Location: ASSA 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting

We discussed AFFECT’s 2021 activities and heard about the AFA Climate survey from Renee B. Adams and Michelle Lowry:

You can download Renee and Michelle’s paper here 
View the slide presentation here

View the Data & Drinks Event:

Here is a short preview of their findings:

With the support of the AFA, we surveyed current and recent past members of the AFA on the professional culture in the field of finance. Responses highlight that individual experiences vary substantially within the field of finance, especially across gender and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, women have lower job satisfaction than men, and the survey responses provide a unique means to examine the factors underlying this pattern. We also provide evidence on the costs of virtual work. Both inequities across gender and the shock to virtual work entail costs at the individual level and to the profession as a whole.

Gender, Race and Entrepreneurship

Date: August 24, 2021

Mike Ewens will be presenting an online lecture for WEFI (Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation ) on “Gender, Race and Entrepreneurship”.

Here is a short summary of the lecture:

“This lecture will review of the economics of discrimination with a focus on the unique ways it manifests itself in firm formation and financing decisions. The presentation will cover the recent advances in testing alternative explanations for differential treatment by gender/race and propose a framework for future research in the area.”

Find out more information about WEFI and the lecture series here: WEFI Lecture Series

More Effective Teacher, More Productive Researcher

Date: August 17, 2021

The panel aims to provide tips on effective teaching, especially for junior faculty members at research-oriented schools, with an emphasis on the common and connected skills to make both teaching and research more productive.  Topics to be discussed include:  How do we demonstrate our competence without evoking backlash? How do we establish our authority without compromising our authenticity? How do we switch from preparing more to preparing more effectively? The expert-led panel will focus on these and other challenges related to faculty identities (e.g., gender, race, age, nationality, caregiver status) in a situational setting. Drawing on scientific insights and personal experiences, the panel will offer practical strategies that faculty can adapt in the classroom and the broader profession.

Panel Leader

Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Associate Director, C. Roland Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard Business School


Jacelly Cespedes, Assistant Professor, Carlson School of Management

Emily Williams, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Irene Yi, Assistant Professor, Rotman School of Management

Wei Jiang (Moderator), Arthur F. Burns Professor of Free and Competitive Enterprise, Columbia Business School

16th Annual ECWFC

Date: June 15, 2021

16th Annual Pre-WFA Early Career Women in Finance Conference (ECWFC) was held on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

The full program of the conference can be found here

CSWEP Career Development Webinars

Date: May 26, 2021

Publishing in Finance: Fireside Chats with Journal Editors

May 26, 2021 Session 11 Review of Financial Studies
Co-sponsored by AFFECT

Interviewers: Manasa Gopal, Georgia Tech and Zheng Sun, University of California, Irvine Interviewee: Itay Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania

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