AFA Committee on Racial Diversity

The Committee on Racial Diversity (CORD) is a committee of the American Finance Association whose mission is to increase the racial diversity of the finance profession. We are striving to increase awareness of issues related to racial diversity, enhance career development for faculty and students, and expand the pipeline of students from under­represented racial groups.

News and Events:

CORD solicits PhD student participation in its 2024 Mentoring Program for PhD students.

CORD invites interested PhD students to apply to its 2024 Mentoring Program, which provides new opportunities for faculty mentorship. 

Background:  The American Finance Association created the Committee on Racial Diversity (CORD) as part of its commitment to broaden opportunities in the academic finance profession to individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation.  Toward this end, CORD launched its inaugural Mentoring Program in January 2023, pairing a total of 17 PhD students with nine faculty mentors. 

Goals:  The Mentoring Program aims to match small groups of current PhD students with faculty mentors who can provide feedback on the students’ research and other guidance for professional development.  The Mentoring Program seeks to supplement students’ support and mentorship provided by their home institutions and primary advisors. 

Current finance PhD students can apply to the Mentoring Program at this link: Apply here. (Please note that you must first log into your AFA account, or create an account.  There is no fee for creating an AFA account.) 

We especially encourage advanced PhD students at North American universities who can benefit from CORD’s efforts to broaden opportunities to people from all backgrounds in the creation and dissemination of financial economics knowledge.  Participation is limited, so please apply now.  The application deadline is September 15, 2023.

Committee Members:

Rohan Williamson (Chair)
Georgetown University

Justin Birru
The Ohio State University

Laura Field
University of Delaware

Gustavo Grullon
Rice University

Kenneth Singleton
Stanford University

Heather Tookes
Yale University

Ayako Yasuda
University of California, Davis