Masters of Finance Videos

In 2004, The American Finance Association Board approved a project to record aspects of the history of finance. Stephen Buser was appointed AFA’s Historian with the mission to produce video interviews with important contributors to financial economic knowledge. We’re pleased to present 14 of these interviews here, with more to come.

About the Masters of Finance Project…
A talk with Eugene Fama.
We sit down with Paul Samuelson.
In which we get a chance to talk with Robert Merton.
And here’ s a chat with Michael Jensen
Let’s hear from Myron Scholes…
It’s time to talk with Ken Arrow.
Here’s a chance to meet Jack Treynor.
We roll the film with… Richard Roll.
Here’s a chance to hear from Harry Markowitz
Now we sit down to chat with William Sharpe.
And… here’s Robert Engle.
We talk with Fred Weston.
Here’s Maureen O’Hara.
Now, it’s a chance to talk with Steven Ross.