Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

AFA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics is a statement of the core values of our profession and identifies the practices consistent with those core values. The Code was first approved by the AFA Board in September 2016, and amended in November 2018.

Read the AFA Statement on Updates to the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

The AFA Board of Directors has also approved the Editorial Ethics Guidelines.

Individuals with AFA-related concerns are encouraged to initially contact the AFA Ombuds at . The AFA Ombuds is a confidential, impartial, informal resource, who can discuss options for addressing concerns. The Ombuds does not investigate or adjudicate complaints but can be a good first contact point in developing options for addressing problems and concerns.  Informal consultation with the Ombuds does not in any way preclude later taking formal action such as contacting an AFA officer to make a complaint. More information about the AFA Ombuds can be found here:

To file a formal complaint, individuals should contact the AFA Secretary-Treasurer at or contact an AFA officer. Such contact will be confidential unless and until the individual filing the complaint indicates otherwise.