Replications and Comments

This page lists web-only Replication papers and Comments. Some Replication papers are published in the Journal and can be found on the Journal article page or the Wiley Online Library.

A Note to “Do ETFs Increase Volatility?” December 2018:

An Improved Method to Predict Assignment of Stocks into Russell Indexes
Itzhak Ben‐David, Francesco Franzoni, and Rabih Moussawi

First published: 6 September 2019
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Response and Rejoinder for “CEO Compensation and Board Structure Revisited” June 2012:

CEO Compensation and Board Structure – There is an Effect After All (PDF file)
Vidhi Chhaochharia and Yaniv Grinstein

CEO Compensation and Board Structure – Rejoinder
Katherine Guthrie, Jan Sokolowsky, and Kam-Ming Wan