AFA 2021 Annual Meetings will be VIRTUAL

The ASSA has announced that the 2021 ASSA meeting will be held online — a VIRTUAL 2021 AEA/ASSA Annual Meeting.  As the AFA is a part of the ASSA meetings, we will be joining the virtual meetings to be held on January 3 – 5, 2021. Details for the virtual meetings are being worked out and we will be notifying authors, speakers, and participants as soon as we have specific information regarding the AFA portion of the meetings. Registration will open in September and the registration fee will be set to cover the costs of holding the virtual meeting. You can find more details at  

PH.D. STUDENT POSTER SESSION: The Ph.D. Student Poster Session will still occur in some capacity although these details are not yet set. Please submit your paper for consideration by July 31, 2020.  

TRAVEL GRANTS: The Travel Grant program has been suspended for this year although the AFA is considering hosting a panel event for Ph.D. students similar to that typically provided to the Travel Grant recipients. More information will be made available closer to the meetings.  

Please also see the Annual Meeting page for updates.

Thank you for your patience in these difficult COVID-19 times and please stay safe.