Announcing the Journal of Finance: Insights and Perspectives

The AFA is excited to announce a new association journal, the Journal of Finance: Insights and Perspectives. The Journal of Finance: Insights and Perspectives’ objective is to publish leading research across all the major fields of financial research that are of the same quality and importance as those in the Journal of Finance. The journal publishes four issues per year containing articles on a broad range of topics. The second issue in June every year is dedicated to Perspectives, while the other issues contain Insights articles.

Insights articles are shorter original research papers where their key insight can be conveyed succinctly. Perspectives articles synthesize lessons learned from active lines of research and outline future research directions that are ripe for inquiry. Perspectives articles are either stand-alone articles or part of a collection of a symposium containing several articles on a common topic. Symposia will offer complementary perspectives on a common topic from a diverse set of authors.

The journal will limit the length of published papers. Manuscripts without exhibits may not exceed 7,000 words. Each exhibit reduces the maximum allowance by 200 words (e.g., a manuscript with 5 exhibits has a maximum of 6,000 words). The maximum number of exhibits (figures or tables) is five. These guidelines apply to both Insights and Perspectives articles.

The first editorial response after submission will be either a reject decision or a “conditional acceptance” that limits expositional changes. The objective of this quick turnaround is to reduce the ex ante uncertainty about potential publication and to limit the number of revisions.

The inaugural Executive Editor of the Journal of Finance: Insights and Perspectives journal will be Ralph Koijen of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (effective September 1, 2023). Dr. Koijen will be joined by co-editors Paola Sapienza (Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business) and Johannes Stroebel (New York University Stern School of Business). The editorial team will invite an Advisory Board to provide comments, feedback, and suggestions on the direction of the new journal. Also, there will be a Board of Editors with Associate Editors who will assist in the editorial process.  The Journal of Finance: Insights and Perspectives will accept submissions beginning September 1, 2023. Comments or questions can be directed to the AFA at