Guidelines for the AFA Rookie Recruiting Cycle

In the interest of developing a more coordinated job market that benefits all involved, the AFA Board of Directors has approved the following recommended guidelines regarding the rookie job market. Please consider these guidelines as you participate in the 2023-24 job market.

Timing of offers and “exploding” offers

In order to ensure that the job market remains sufficiently synchronized and thick, and that candidates have a chance to compare offers, the AFA recommends that employers leave job offers open (i.e. do not require candidates to accept or decline) until at least February 12 (midnight).

The AFA also strongly recommends that employers give candidates at least two weeks to consider their job offer.  We recognize that offers made late in the job market season (e.g., March or later) may be of shorter duration.  In some circumstances, employers are under heavy pressure to give less time to candidates for various reasons.  If that is absolutely necessary, we recommend that employers give candidates a minimum of one week to consider the offer, and that candidates be given advance notice of this (e.g. at the flyout stage) whenever possible. Rationale: Recently, there is concern about a rise in “exploding offers” – i.e., offers for which candidates are given too few days to sufficiently consider the offer and their alternatives. This can prevent candidates from learning about their options or comparing offers, and at the extreme can be coercive.  Giving candidates two weeks (or, late in the job market season, at least one week) to consider an offer is a reasonable standard.

These guidelines are designed for the AFA rookie recruiting cycle and do not pertain to recruiting cycles for other job markets such as the FMA or European job markets.