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View videos of the 2022 AFA Business Meeting, JF Awards Presentations, Presidential Address, AFA Lecture, Panels, and Special Sessions here.

Thank you to all who participated in the AFA/ASSA 2022 Annual Meetings!

Jean Tirole is the 2022 AFA Fellow

Jean Tirole has been elected by the existing AFA Fellows to be the 2022 Fellow.  Professor Tirole is honorary chairman of the Foundation JJ Laffont-Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), and scientific director of TSE-Partnership. He is also affiliated with MIT, where he holds a visiting position, and the Institut de France. Professor Tirole’s research covers industrial organization, regulation, finance, macroeconomics and banking, and psychology-based economics. Jean Tirole has published over two hundred articles in international reviews, as well as twelve scientific books. Published in English in 2017, his latest book entitled Economics for the Common Good is accessible to a wide audience and available in a number of other languages. He is laureate of numerous international distinctions, including the 2007 CNRS gold medal and the 2014 Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel.

AFA 2022 Annual Meeting Begins on January 7th

The AFA 2022 Annual Meeting will be held January 7-9, 2022 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

The ASSA has announced that the 2022 ASSA meeting will be held online — a VIRTUAL 2022 AEA/ASSA Annual Meeting.  As the AFA is a part of the ASSA meetings, we will be joining the virtual meetings to be held on January 7 – 9, 2022.

Registration is required in order to participate in the Annual Meeting.

Register here:

AFA 2021 Election Results

Congratulations to the officers and directors elected in the AFA 2021 election:

President: Laura Starks,
President Elect and 2023 Program Chair: Markus Brunnermeier,
Vice President: Monika Piazzesi,
Directors: Camelia Kuhnen, Michelle Lowry, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh