2022 Annual Meeting and Panel Sessions

The 2022 Annual Meeting was held online from January 6-9, 2022 with Laura Starks as the Program Chair. Below are videos from the Special Sessions and the AFA Business Meeting.

Zoom recordings of all other sessions can be viewed here.

2022 Presidential Address: John Graham , on “Corporate Finance and Reality”

2022 AFA Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

2022 AFA Lecture: Emi Nakamura – Micro and Macro Evidence on Inflation and Monetary Policy

2022 AFA Special Session – On ESG: Theory and Empirics

2022 AFA Special Session – Persistence or Disruption of the American Caste

2022 AFA Panel Session – Finance and Social Responsibility

2022 AFA Panel Session – Government Debt: How Much is Sustainable?

2022 AFA Panel Session – Climate and the Financial System

2022 AFA Panel Session – Central Bank Digital Currency

2022 AFA Panel Session – How Can Academic Research Inform Policy on ESG and Short-Termism?

2022 AFA Panel Session – Current Issues in Financial Market Regulation