2022 Annual Meeting and Panel Sessions

The 2022 Annual Meeting was held online from January 6-9, 2022 with Laura Starks as the Program Chair. Below are videos from the Special Sessions and the AFA Business Meeting.

2022 Presidential Address: John Graham , on “Corporate Finance and Reality”

2022 AFA Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

2022 AFA Lecture: Emi Nakamura – Micro and Macro Evidence on Inflation and Monetary Policy

2022 AFA Special Session – On ESG: Theory and Empirics

2022 AFA Special Session – Persistence or Disruption of the American Caste

2022 AFA Panel Session – Finance and Social Responsibility

2022 AFA Panel Session – Government Debt: How Much is Sustainable?

2022 AFA Panel Session – Climate and the Financial System

2022 AFA Panel Session – Central Bank Digital Currency

2022 AFA Panel Session – How Can Academic Research Inform Policy on ESG and Short-Termism?

2022 AFA Panel Session – Current Issues in Financial Market Regulation