AFA 2022 Session Videos

The videos below were recorded via Zoom during the AFA 2022 Annual Meeting.

Videos of Special Sessions and the Annual Business Meeting can be viewed here.

Innovation Frontiers in Finance
Household Finance III
Bank Lending Behavior
Belief Formation and Market Efficiency
Capital, Labor, and the Cross-Section of Returns
Liquidity Management and Crises in Asset Management
Private Equity/Venture Capital
Market Microstructure: Trading on Information
Capital Structure
Macro Finance II
Corporate Investment
Labor Finance II
Oil Prices
DeFi and CBDCs
ESG and Sustainable Finance
Corporate Finance: Behavioral
Household Finance II
Market Mispricing and Limits to Arbitrage
Return Dynamics
Identifying the Value and Novelty of Financial Market Information
Banking and Real Economy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Big Data and Firm Policies
International Finance
Contracts and Incentives
ETFs 2.0
Corporate Finance: Policy and Regulatory Issues
Macro Finance I
Investor Behavior
Mergers and Venture Financing
Finance and Race
Technology and Financial Services
Learning and Flows in Asset Management
Labor Finance I
Finance and Gender
The Cross-Section of Stock Returns
Financial Stability
Who Is Paying Attention? Benefits of Information in Capital Markets
(Ir)responsible Corporate Governance
Conflicts of Interest and Insider Trading
Safe Assets
Over the Counter Markets
Household Finance I
Climate Finance
Financial Crises and Transmission of Shocks
Shareholder Monitoring and Voting
AFA Committee on Racial Diversity Event
Governance: Boards, CEOs, and Equity
Financial Certification, Competitive Strategy, and Innovation
Corporate Bond Market
Big Data/Machine Learning Applications to Financial Markets
When Banks Meet the Official Sector
ESG Investing
Behavioral Finance: Risk, Beliefs, and Factor Models
Mutual Fund Trading and Performance
Firms, Markets, and Information Disclosure
Finance and COVID-19
Mergers and Acquisitions
Market Risk Factors
AFFECT – Data and Drinks