AFA 2021 Session Videos

The videos below were recorded via Zoom during the AFA 2021 Annual Meeting.

Videos of Special Sessions and the Annual Business Meeting can be viewed here.

Adverse Selection and Information Acquisition in Financial Markets
Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Impact and Applications
Asset Pricing: Frictions and Mispricing
Asset Pricing: What News Matters?
Asset Pricing: Frictions and Market Power
Asset Pricing: Return Dynamics
Bank Fragility
Bank Loan Contracts and Pricing
Banking: Risk Management
Bankruptcy and Distress
Contracts and Incentives
Corporate Culture
Corporate Finance: Behavioral
Corporate Finance: Policy and Regulatory Issues
Corporate Finance: Risk Management
Corporate Sustainability
Cross-Sectional Return Predictability
Debt Structure
Determinants of Corporate Leverage
Determinants of Credit Spreads
Dividend and Payout Policy
Economic Big Data and Machine Learning: Applications and Implications
Economic Impact of Disasters and Uncertainty
Entrepreneurial Finance/Venture Capital
Finance and Development (Papers 1-3)
Finance and Development (Paper 4)
Finance and Product Markets
Financial Crises and Transmission of Shocks
Financial Stability
Financing Innovation
Financing Investments
FinTech Innovations: Banks and Small Business
Firm Financing: Banks vs. Non Banks
Gender and Finance
Hedge Funds: Incentives and Infrastructure
Household Expectations in Real Estate Markets 
Household Finance and Non-Bank Institutions
Household Finance
Impact of Market Institutions on Information Content and Cost of Trading
Institutional Investors and Corporate Social Responsibility
Institutional Investors and Governance
Intangibles and Human Capital in Mergers and Acquisitions
Interest Rate, Inflation, and Monetary Policy
Labor Markets for CEOs and CFOs
Law and Corporate Governance
Long-term Investors, Portfolio Choice, and Asset Prices
Market Risk Factors
Mutual Fund Flows and Marketing
Mutual Fund Trading and Performance
Mutual Funds and ETFs: Current Issues
New Methods and Portfolios for the Cross Section
Private Equity
Raising Capital
Short Sale Constraints and Market Efficiency
Social Influence and Networks
The Effects of Mandated Disclosure
The Wisdom and Folly of Crowds