2021 Annual Meeting and Panel Sessions

The 2021 Annual Meeting was held online from January 3-5, 2021 with John Graham as the Program Chair. Below are videos from the Special Sessions and the AFA Business Meeting.

2021 AFA Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

2021 Presidential Address: Kenneth Singleton, on “How Much ‘Rationality’ Is There In Bond Market Expectations

2021 AFA Lecture: The Effects of Automation on Wages, Inequality and the Future of Work.

2021 AFA Special Session – Finance and COVID-19: Corporate Finance and Banking

2021 AFA Special Session Finance and COVID-19: Asset Pricing and Macro-Finance

2021 AFA Panel Session: Do the Big Issues of the 21st Century Require a Change in Shareholder Capitalism?

2021 AFA Panel Session: Short-termism and Corporate Investment

2021 AFA Panel Session: Race and the Finance Profession

2021 AFA Panel Session: Research Challenges in Asset Management

2021 AEA/AFA Joint Panel: Effects of and Lessons Learned from COVID-19

2021 AFA/AEA Joint Panel on Climate