2021 Annual Meeting and Panel Sessions

The 2021 Annual Meeting was held online from January 3-5, 2021 with John Graham as the Program Chair. Below are videos from the Special Sessions and the AFA Business Meeting.

Zoom recordings of all other sessions can be viewed here.

2021 AFA Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

2021 Presidential Address: Kenneth Singleton, on “How Much ‘Rationality’ Is There In Bond Market Expectations

2021 AFA Lecture: The Effects of Automation on Wages, Inequality and the Future of Work.

2021 AFA Special Session – Finance and COVID-19: Corporate Finance and Banking

2021 AFA Special Session Finance and COVID-19: Asset Pricing and Macro-Finance

2021 AFA Panel Session: Do the Big Issues of the 21st Century Require a Change in Shareholder Capitalism?

2021 AFA Panel Session: Short-termism and Corporate Investment

2021 AFA Panel Session: Race and the Finance Profession

2021 AFA Panel Session: Research Challenges in Asset Management

2021 AEA/AFA Joint Panel: Effects of and Lessons Learned from COVID-19

2021 AFA/AEA Joint Panel on Climate