Office Hours with Women in Finance

Date: April 3, 2024

  • Session 1: April 8, 2024 with Loriana Pelizzon: Juggling multiple projects/building a network when you do not live in the US.
  • Session 2: April 12, 2024 with Giorgia Piacentino: Research: how to get feedback/how to structure discussions and presentations.
  • Session 3: April 17, 2024 with Jun Yang: Balancing research, teaching, and service.
  • Session 4: April 17, 2024 with Christa Bouwman: Juggling multiple projects at multiple stages, how to get feedback, and when to submit.
  • Session 5: April 18, 2024 with Veronika K Pool: Demystifying the tenure process.
  • Session 6: April 23, 2024 with Lucy White: Work-life balance/Navigating the publication process.

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Call for Funding Proposals

Date: April 19, 2024

AFFECT is pleased to announce a call for funding proposals for supplementary funds to support research-oriented events and other activities that promote gender equality in the academic finance profession (for example, conferences, speaker series, professional networking and mentoring events). 

Proposals will be accepted until April 19, 2024 and must include the following

  • Applicant’s name, institution, and email address
  • Event name, date, and anticipated number of attendees
  • Brief event description
  • Brief statement explaining how the event aligns with AFFECT’s mission
  • Total event cost
  • List of other funding sources already secured
  • Amount of funding requested

To apply: email by April 19, 2024. Please include “AFFECT Funding Proposal” in the subject line.

AFFECT will review proposals on an on-going basis and render funding decisions by the end of May, 2024. The amount granted will depend on the number of accepted proposals. We anticipate repeating this call for funding proposals on an annual basis.

Opportunities in the Regulatory Sector and Policy Institutions Webinar

Date: November 16, 2023

We will discuss opportunities within this space, how one might pursue such opportunities, and the contrasts / similarities with academia.

Panelists include:

  • Tara Bhandari, U.S. Security Exchange Commission, Financial Economist
  • Dalida Kadyrzhanova, Federal Reserve Board, Principal Economist, Research and Statistics
  • Lori Walsh, FINRA, Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist

Moderated by:

  • Kathleen Hanley, Lehigh University Professor of Finance and Bolton-Perella Chair Executive Secretary and Treasurer, AFA

AFFECT New Ideas sessions over fall semester.

Date: September 22, 2023

These will be virtual events, with approximately four participants with similar research interests participating in each. Each session will last one hour, and during this time each participant will have the opportunity to present one new idea and to get feedback on that idea from other participants in the session. If you are interested in participating in a New Ideas Session, please click here. We will organize sessions based on interest.

Further details (including dates and research areas of each session) will be communicated to anybody that expresses interest. Deadline for expressing interest is Sept 22nd.